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Getting hired in Vancouver: show you’re trustworthy

Posted on 05. Aug, 2011 by in Blog, Working Abroad
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Trustworthiness is key to any successful job search. Especially in Canada, where interpersonal skills and “clicking” with your potential employer are perhaps the most decisive factors in getting hired.

The trust issue

Unfortunately, as an expat, you have to work twice as hard at convincing recruiters you’re trustworthy.

Sounds unfair? Well, put yourself in the employer’s shoes for a moment:
– They don’t know if you’re going to stay in Vancouver for good;
– They have no idea how your foreign degree compares to Canadian credentials;
– You have no local contacts they can easily phone up for a reference check;
– They may worry you’re going to ask them to sponsor you for a visa.

Now that’s quite a few red flags, isn’t it? No wonder newcomers often find it hard to get interviews!

What to do about it

Thankfully, there are several ways you can work around this issue.

Trust (lorettaprincipe) (more…)

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