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Destination: Beirut

Posted on 07. Feb, 2009 by in Blog, Musings & Inspiration

The New York Times ranked Beirut as its #1 place to go in 2009!

This makes me very, very happy and excited, as Beirut happens to be one of my three favourite cities in the world (in case you are wondering, the other two are Vancouver, BC and Stockholm).

Oh, how I love Beirut! To call it a city of contrasts would be a cliche… and an understatement. It is sophisticated and raw, cosmopolitan and parochial, bustling and leisurely. Beirut is one of those places where you go for the culture and you end up staying for the incredible nightlife, or vice-versa.

I was lucky enough to be there in the late ’90s / early ’00s when the downtown area was being rebuilt. I saw entire neighbourhoods spring back to life. There was no farmers’ market back then, though.
The Souk el Tayeb market seems to be garnering press attention these days – I recently saw a mention of it in the December issue of the always interesting Monocle magazine.

Well I think that seals the deal. My boyfriend and I have been planning a getaway to Lebanon for a while now, time to make it happen!


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